Content of ‘The Fighter’

  1. The Fighter (D.H.Lawrence)
  2. Gardens and Graveyards (Giorgio Bassani)
  3. After the Struggle (Dostoevsky)
  4. The Illusionist (Mussolini)
  5. Fear is the Key (Thomas Hardy)
  6. The Disenchantment of Translation
  7. Still Stirring (Beckett)
  8. Genius of Bad News (Thomas Bernhard)
  9. Let sleeping Beauties Lie (Elfriede Jelinek)
  10. A Polished Pessimism (Emil Cioran)
  11. True Scandal (Machiavelli)
  12. A Model Anomaly (Italy and Berlusconi)
  13. Mad at the Medici (Lorenzo de’ Medici)
  14. Love Letter (Fleur Jaeggy)
  15. Tales Told by a Computer (Hypertext)
  16. Real Dreams (Zola)
  17. A Matter of Love and Hate (World Cup Football)
  18. Hero Betrayed (Garibaldi)
  19. Siege of the Serenissima (1848)
  20. The superman’s Virgins (D’Annunzio)
  21. A Pagan in Italy (Lawrence and Italy)

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